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Quartz Counter Tops Del Mar, CA

Quartz Counter Tops Del Mar, CANeed a Quartz Counter Tops for a Kitchen in Del Mar CA?

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Quartz Counter Tops Del Mar, CA

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Scandinavian Cabinets delivers unparalleled professional design and extremely skilled installation.

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Quartz Counter Tops Del Mar, CA

What local areas in San Diego do we service?

We proudly service every city and zip code in San Diego County.

Custom cabinet design and installation requires dedicated hard working crews.

We salute all the talented workers in our industry!

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The Popularity of Quartz Counter Tops, Escondido CA

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to counter tops Escondido CA. However, there is one material that is preferred by many today – quartz counter tops. Why this type of material is gaining more and more popularity? Below are the top 5 reasons why it is the hottest trend in counter tops.

Strength & Durability. Quartz is incredibly durable, and it will not scratch or stain. It does not have a lot of the same weaknesses that often found in other natural stone surfaces. It can stand up to a lot of ‘abuse’ and does not show any wear and tear. This is the reason why it is the preferred choice by busy families, most especially those who really love to cook.

Variety. Another good thing about engineered stones like Quartz counters is that they can come in different varieties that can be found in other natural stones like marble and granite. In fact, clients can choose from a hundred of design options. That means there is a Quartz counter design that can suit to any style and color of any kitchen.

Low maintenance. There are other counter tops Escondido CA that require regular sealing and polishing such as those that are made from granite and marble materials. There are also those that require regular oiling – and even sanding (butcher block). Quartz counter tops, on the other and, do not require any of those mentioned. What is just needed is to wipe it down with a little warm water and mild soap.

Safety. This is another yet an important consideration when installing a new counter top most especially that it is used mostly for food preparation. With Quartz counter tops, there is no need to treat the material with chemicals that could be harmful to people. That is because Quartz are nonporous and nonabsorbent and it will not draw in moisture from raw or leftover food, which can be a dwelling place for harmful bacteria.

Not sure if Quartz is the right material for your counter tops Escondido CA? Scandinavian Marble can help you decide. Send your inquiries today.

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