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Kitchen Cabinets Oceanside, New Trends

Kitchen Cabinets Oceanside, New TrendsScandinavian Marble, Oceanside shares the latest trends in kitchen cabinet design!

Just like with any aspect of home design fashion in kitchen cabinets are subject to changing fads and trends. Below we’ve listed the current top 5 most popular trends in kitchen cabinets.

1.) White and Simplistic

Many homeowners are choosing to go with white (or off white) style kitchen cabinets, that have a very clean traditional look. Inspired by “cottage living” the kitchen cabinetry features classic hardware and very minimal embellishment.

2.) Floor To Ceiling, High Kitchen Cabinets

Another style that we have noticed become increasingly more popular is the floor to ceiling look, that leaves no space for dust to gather or clutter to accumulate on the tops of the kitchen cabinets. Inspired by minimalistic and “storage solution” friendly organization the floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets provide a place for everything and allows everything to be in its place.

3.) Custom Drawers and Cupboards

Just like with the floor to ceiling cabinets, people who prefer extreme organization have brought on the custom drawers and cupboards trend. We could probably blame the popular hobbyist “Pinterest” for this one, because now there really is a place to put everything. With uniquely sized drawers and cupboards custom designed for very specific purposes. The good new is last time we check custom features like this, can actually add to the resale value of a person’s home.

4.) Vintage Inspired Retro Looks

Have you ever heard the saying “everything eventually comes back”? Well with home decor trends this is absolutely true. It is becoming increasingly common for new homeowners to ask for retro inspired pieces in their kitchen design that pull from the 50’s, 60’s, and even 70’s home design trends.

The trick to including retro inspiration in your kitchen cabinetry design is to keep it modern and functional, but ad features that wave back at old design trends.

5.) Easy Access

Any cabinet remodel that is done nowadays has to include new accessibility options or else it just feels “incomplete”. Most new kitchen cabinets now include features such as; the lazy Susan, pull out cutting boards, built-in bread boxes, removable drawer inserts. Pretty much anything that makes the homeowners life a little bit easier and that helps to maximize storage capacity.

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Oceanside Homeowners Looking For New Kitchen Cabinets?

Has this list of hot kitchen design trends inspired you to renovate your own kitchen cabinet system? Homeowners in Oceanside need to look no further than Scandinavian Marble for all of their kitchen redesign and remodeling needs. The expert craftsman at Scandinavian marble will give you the kitchen of your dreams, by including all of the latest trends listed above within your custom design.