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Kitchen Remodeling in Escondido 3 Things That Your New Kitchen Must Have

kitchen remodelingThe premier kitchen designers in Escondido tell us what products everyone wants in their dream kitchen this year.

A full kitchen remodel is every outdated homeowners dream. Unfortunately, a full kitchen redo can be the most expensive item on a home renovation wish list and is often left to the last minute because the average home owner needs to save up their hard earned pennies in order to make it happen. For that reason however, the #1 thing that most kitchen designers recommend is that home owners save up there money and invest in high quality materials when they remodel their kitchens. It may initially seem like a bit of backward logic, but the truth is a quality kitchen-remodeling job should only need to be done once. It is a better idea to spend a little extra on quality grade “A” materials rather than cut corners on your spending and have your entire remodeling job fall apart after a few years.

Scandinavian Marble is one of the more expensive choices for kitchen remodels but most of their customers are aware of the fact that choosing Scandinavian marble to redo their counter tops and cabinets is a one-time investment. They choose the Scandinavian Marble because their work is guaranteed and they don’t mind paying the little extra because the finished work actually ups the value of their home.

Trends in kitchen modeling have changed in the last few years as well, in the past homeowners would go for a very “current” and modern look, however now they are choosing kitchen fixtures and details that are considered to be more traditional. Why is this you may ask?

Well it all goes back to the frugal attitude inspired by the most recent rescission, many families have been struggling in the last few years and now that things have turned back around they are more careful with their spending. The average family homeowner is now seeing more value in their investments, including their kitchens so they are choosing to go with classic pieces that will remain up to date for an extended period of time.

Scandinavian Marble Kitchens also check off this box as well, they are luxurious, modern and traditional all at once. When a Scandinavian Marble kitchen designer draws up the plans for your kitchen they pull from both current fashionable features as well as very contemporary and traditional elements in order to create a kitchen design that can withstand the test of time.

One other thing has reverted back to traditional, as far as the way that people view kitchen remodels right now. The materials that they choose to use are tending to be more natural and less synthetic. People are willing to spend more to get that real authentic marble or granite rather that put “plastic” everywhere because it doesn’t feel natural anymore and it certainly does not last as long.

This of course, is something that Scandinavian Marble has always believed in when it comes to choosing materials for a full kitchen remodel. In fact the reason why they are called Scandinavian Marble is because they are best known for their high-end marble work and counter tops. They have always felt that the inclusion of these natural and high-end items in the home is the real key to great design and lasting quality. When you choose to go with Scandinavian Marble you are choosing to purchase the best all natural materials currently available on the market.

The Three Things That People Look For In Modern Kitchen Remodels

– High Quality Materials

– Traditional Design

– Natural Materials

The 3 main things that people are currently looking for in their kitchen remodel are available from Scandinavian Marble in. Escondido. You can call them today for a free quote on your entire kitchen renovation.

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Custom Kitchen Cabinets That Show Off Your Personality

Have you ever been into someone’s home and thought to yourself that they must of hired an interior designer because everything was so perfectly matched including the kitchen cabinets? When I visit houses that look like they belong in Home and Garden magazine, I always find myself a bit envious. It isn’t that my current home in Rancho Bernardo isn’t “nice” but I am getting tired of how outdated and worn out the fixtures are in comparison to newer homes.

We chose to buy an older house, and save up for the renovations ourselves so we could instill our personality into the home and essentially work with a blank slate. Now after two years we finally have enough money to begin investing in some professional renovations and -of course, the first room that I want to get done is the kitchen.

Even though I am fully aware that a full kitchen renovation with new marble countertops and kitchen cabinets in Rancho Bernardo will probably set us back a pretty penny, I think that the final product will be well worth the investment. In fact, I recently had a quote done by Scandinavian Marble design and their pricing on new cabinets was actually remarkably affordable. After seeing their showroom samples I know for certain that I am getting the best value for my money and that is really important especially when you have scrounged to save up all these years for your dream kitchen.

One thing that I liked the best about Scandinavian Marble Design is the high-quality materials that they use, and their customer satisfaction guarantee. This makes me feel a lot better about trusting this major renovation project to someone else, especially since we’ve been to busy lately to do it ourselves. Besides there are some clear advantages to hiring a custom contractor to install your new cabinetry:

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1.) It gets done faster

No weekend projects, or time consuming after work and evening renovations. They come in, get it done with no extra stress placed on you.

2.) Completely Custom

Unless you are a master carpenter I doubt you will be designing your own cabinets, IKEA or Home Depot packages are not nearly as nice as custom pieces that you made specifically to order. You can pick your materials and colors and Scandinavian Marble will put them together for you. They work alongside you to help you re-imagine your kitchen and get that one of kind look.

3.) No Clean Up

When it is all set in place the professionals also clean up the mess. Scandinavian Marble Design promises to leave your house in “better” condition then when they entered it with brand new Kitchen Cabinets fully installed.

4.) The Work is Guaranteed

If you slap together a DIY kitchen Reno kit, and it falls apart there is no warranty in the world that will save you from your own shotty handiwork. Instead, you can hire professionals to do it right the first time, and if something does go array you know that you can count on them to come back in and fix it up for you.

In a few weeks time Scandinavian Marble Design; Ranchos Bernardo is coming in to start work on the designer kitchen of my dreams. It is truly exciting to know that I will soon have one of those gorgeous high-end luxury kitchens like the ones I have seen in their showroom. Who knows maybe when it is all done I will send the pictures in to Home and Garden?

Do You Want To See How My Custom Kitchen Renovation Turned Out?