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Custom Kitchen Cabinets Del Mar, CA

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Del Mar, CANeed a Custom Kitchen Cabinets for a Kitchen in Del Mar CA?

Call Scandinavian Cabinets!

San Diego’s home for quality custom cabinetry since 1980.

Scandinavian Cabinets delivers unparalleled professional design and extremely skilled installation.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Del Mar, CA for the bathroom and kitchen are our specialty.

Extremely professional and experienced!

Scandinavian Cabinets builds world-class custom cabinetry designed to fit your space and style.

Our custom cabinetry is 100% built-to-order.

Exceptional value, highest quality and affordability!

Don’t make the mistake of hiring any other contractor until you’ve talked to Scandinavian Cabinets.

Give us the opportunity to earn your trust and business, you’ll be absolutely thrilled you did!

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Custom Kitchen Cabinets Del Mar, CA

Our cabinets are more than just storage.

They’re an instant focal point for any room, tying the space together while setting it apart.

Kitchens, media centers, baths, offices, bars — our pieces make every room stand out.

Scandinavian Cabinets delivers unparalleled professional design and extremely skilled installation.

Whatever you remodel needs, we are the “One-Stop Shop” to help you get the job done professionally, at the best price, and in a timely manner!

Most remodels are completed within seven business days of the tear out.

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Complete contracting services from tear out to completed remodel.

Absolute highest quality workmanship!

– Custom Del Mar CA
– Kitchens
– Entertainment Centers
– Bathrooms
– Offices
– Closets
– Doors

There’s good reason why Scandinavian Cabinets has so many happy clients throughout San Diego County.

Pick up the phone and call us now!

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Del Mar, CA

What local areas in San Diego do we service?

We proudly service every city and zip code in San Diego County.

Custom cabinet design and installation requires dedicated hard working crews.

We salute all the talented workers in our industry!

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Custom Kitchen Cabinets Del Mar, CA on Youtube

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Kitchen Cabinet Installation

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Choosing a provider of kitchen cabinets San Marcos CA

Should we base our decision on ratings & reviews alone when choosing a company that installs kitchen cabinets San Marcos CA? That question should be addressed before you choose a service provider.

Many people take a look at ratings and reviews when buying a product or service. There is nothing wrong with that; Scandinavian Marble Design, for one, is a proponent of reading reviews ( and we mean reputable reviews) before making a purchase. Again, should you base your buying decision on ratings and reviews alone? Obviously, the answer is no. Here’s a compelling reason why:

Reviews can be deceiving

Unless you yourself are an expert at scrutinizing the list of criteria, which serves as basis used by review or rating agencies in the cabinet industry to rank companies, chances are, you might be misled by those ratings. The reason is that, such criteria used in evaluation might not be aligned with what you are looking for for a company that installs kitchen cabinets San Marcos CA. Take for instance, a kitchen cabinet installer that makes good cabinets can be perceived by rating agencies as not so reputable based on company size criterion. In other words, there are other factors that these rating agencies could miss to factor in.

Online ratings can be even more misleading since you are provided information on ratings (yes, just those yellow stars you see) but without giving details on the criteria.

What you should do instead

When choosing a company that provides kitchen cabinets installation, do your own review instead, to validate the findings/ratings given by those rating agencies. What you need to do to begin is to list down those companies that received favorable ratings from agencies and review sites. Then, counter check those prospects on criteria based on your unique requirements. For instance, those rating agencies, might have not included in their criteria the fact that certain companies serve either residential or commercial customer only – this can create an impact on your decision.

You might also need to consider items such as the length of time a kitchen cabinet company is in service, the types of materials used in their kitchen cabinets, the company’s accessibility to your location, among other things.

In a nutshell, when choosing a company, take time to read some reviews and ratings given by agencies, but be diligent enough to counter-check them, to make a scrutiny by yourself based on the criteria that is aligned to your needs, before you make a decision on which company to choose for your kitchen upgrade.

In need of kitchen cabinets San Marcos CA? Scandinavian Marble Design can help.

Contact us at (760) 591-0070

Kitchen Cabinets Poway CA

The type of kitchen cabinets available in Poway CA

Take into consideration the style and the quality when you are choosing kitchen cabinets for your Poway home.

When you are picking cabinetry for your kitchen renovation, their area variety of things to consider. Here we have listed the types of cabinets that you can choose from.

Base Cabinets: Base cabinets are standard. They are typically 24 inches deep. You can also upgrade that depth to 27 inches. These cabinets can be customized for various purposes. For the most part base cabinets suit any space and can be built to your taste.

Wall Cabinets: Wall cabinetry is shorter in depths, typically only 12 inches deep. They can be expanded to 17 inches. Wall cabinets are for certain purposes and are only semi-customizable.

Tall Cabinets: Tall cabinets are taller than your base or wall cabinets. They can be up to 84 inches in height. Tall cabinets are used for the storage of things like brooks or other tall items.

Speciality Cabinets: Speciality cabinets are fully customizable and built to suit. Your speciality cabinets will include your suspended unites, hutches, corner pieces, bottle racks and appliance cabinets. You can also have speciality cabinets constructed to create unique and special spaces. Anything that is not a base, wall or tall cabinet is considered a speciality cabinet.

Now that you know what the four types of kitchen cabinets are available in Poway you can begin to create your dream kitchen arrangement. By combining base cabinets, wall cabinets, tall cabinets and speciality cabinets you can create a custom kitchen layout that suits your needs.

For more information about creating a custom kitchen design make an appointment to consult with our experts today. We will discuss your vision for an amazing kitchen renovation with stunning cabinets that are beautiful and functional.

Who Does Custom Cabinets in Carlsbad?

A gorgeous new kitchen with custom cabinets in Carlsbad is on everyone’s home makeover wish-list. Many people want to redo their kitchen and do away with their old outdated cabinetry. The preference is to have custom cabinets made rather than buy pre-made ones at the store. The reason for this is because custom cabinets are constructed from high-end materials and are designed specifically to fit in the space that they have be constructed for. Not to mention, having this type of unique component created just for your home helps to increase it’s value and gives you way more options for the final design layout.

Where can I get completely custom cabinets in Carlsbad?

The top place where you can get custom cabinets in Carlsbad is from Scandinavian Marble Design. For many years now Scandinavian Marble has specialized in custom cabinet construction. The kitchen cabinet experts at Scandinavian Marble can create signature cabinet to suit any design vision. They use the highest quality materials when they construct your cabinets to assure lasting quality.

Many people choose to install prebuilt cabinets to save themselves money. The downside to doing this is that you don’t have as many options. This can become a problem when you are attempting to create a completely unique kitchen space. If you do not choose custom cabinets you will be restricted in both final appearance and functionality.

The best thing that you can do for yourself is invest that little bit of extra money into your kitchen renovation and get the custom cabinets in Carlsbad. When you work with Scandinavian Marble they will accommodate your budget to help you achieve your desired look without spending too much. Their cabinet design experts will listen closely to you and help you create a cabinet design that suits your needs and adds value to your house.

If you are looking for someone to create brand new cabinets for you in Carlsbad contact Scandinavian Marble today! We will provide you with a free estimate on custom cabinetry.

The Benefits of Going With Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Carlsbad CA

Torn between going with pre-made or custom kitchen cabinets for your renovation? Scandinavian marble shares some of the benefits of choosing custom!

1. Custom Kitchen Cabinets Are One of A Kind

When investing in your home’s design custom kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen an amazing look that you can’t find anywhere else. When you choose custom kitchen cabinetry over pre-maid store bought kitchen cabinets then you can choose every detail from the wood type to the colour finish. You can also customize the interior layout of the cabinets to suit your lifestyle. This is something that many people don’t think about until it is too late. Although, custom kitchen cabinets cost a little more you have many more options and can further customize the look of your home.

2. Custom Kitchen Cabinets To Fit Any Space

Another BIG upside to choosing custom kitchen cabinets over pre-designed kitchen cabinets from IKEA or Home Depot is that your kitchen cabinets will be made to order. When you are dealing with an awkward layout or a smaller space custom cabinets can be made to accommodate your design. This means that no matter what the cabinets will fit and look great! You don’t have to worry about modifying your kitchen’s layout to accommodate the cabinets and you can rest assured that they will match perfectly.

3. Custom Kitchen Cabinets Are Made From High Quality Materials

Last but not least the biggest upside to choosing custom kitchen cabinets over regular store bought kitchen cabinets is the quality that you get. When you order custom kitchen cabinets from Scandinavian Marble you can rest assured that your cabinets will be made of the high quality materials available. You can also choose from several wood types and finishes that will make your cabinets unique. This is a major bonus when you are comparing the cabinet quality to the one’s purchased pre-made from the store. Instead o plastic and low-quality wood hidden below high polish finishes you can have real wood custom kitchen cabinetry!

Maybe we sound a bit bias but we are certainly in favour of custom kitchen cabinets from Scandinavian marble around here! Come visit our showroom to see the difference!