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Care Tips For Kitchen Countertops, Carlsbad

Countertops are a great addition to every kitchen. They do not only contribute to the overall aesthetics of the place, but they also offer added convenience. They function as an added space for food preparation. That said, it is important to take good care of your kitchen countertops, Carlsbad. After all, you would want a countertop that could last longer.

Taking care of your kitchen countertops, Carlsbad is key to keeping them in good shape.

Here are some care tips that can help prolong countertops’ lifespan:

Use the right cleaning solution. From time to time, countertops need cleaning and disinfecting. It is imperative that you only use cleaning solutions that are not ‘harsh’ chemicals. The use of such chemicals may ruin the integrity of the materials, including colors. Any cleaner with ammonia or bleach should be avoided.

Protect them from heat. This is another item to take into consideration. When you are cooking, do not put your pan or cooking pot directly on the surface as heat can affect the integrity of the materials. High temperature can damage countertops. For instance, a quartz countertop can only withstand up to around 300 degrees Fahrenheit. So, if you are taking something out from your oven or stove, do not put it directly to the countertop’s surface; instead, use a protector such as a wooden board to protect the countertop from extreme heat.

Protect it from cracks. If you are using meat cleaver (aka bone chopper), you might consider using a butcher block instead of a chopping board. The former is a lot thicker. It offers several layers of protection for your countertop. Also, do not put a super heavy object on it (do not attempt to stand on it – if you intend to do it for some bizarre reason).

Follow the manufacturer’s/installer’s care instructions. Last but not least, follow the care recommendations given to you by the installer or manufacturers. If there is someone who knows and understands the characteristics of countertop materials, it is them.

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Countertops in San Marcos, CA – some design ideas

There are perhaps a limitless number of design ideas available when it comes to countertops. Every now and then, a number of countertop innovations are introduced in the market. This causes a ‘dilemma’ to some people as more options to choose from means it is more difficult to pick the best one. Which one to choose? Which one suits best to my bathroom? – These are questions that need to be addressed before starting a kitchen remodel or redesign for your countertops in San Marcos, CA.

Of course, a contractor for countertops in San Marcos, CA can help deliver the most ideal design possible for clients. However, it can also be a great help in the fulfillment of any project when clients themselves have personal preferences that can be integrated to the contractor’s proposal. This result will have a personal touch, and the finished project will reflect the owner’s personality and style.

Popular designs

Below are 3 designs from a service provider of countertops in San Marcos, CA – Scandinavian Marble Design – that can help clients for their preference:

  • Glass-topped – durable glass is put atop the main countertop designed so that the glass is heat, stain, and scratch resistant. This is easy to maintain, and when it comes to the rice glass countertop costs about the same as granite
  • Wood-inspired – they say it is the cure for the cold of common stainless steel countertops. wooden countertops have a more natural look, provide a warm landing surface and wood countertops are also preferred by many as they are able to absorb the noise of a busy household.
  • Gray granite – this is another popular countertop design that is more modern than other types. Capable of standing up to daily use without showing wear and tear –this countertop is clean/sturdy and a good alternative to other countertop designs. Also has many color variations in a single piece of stone.

There are more designs that can be found at any service providers of countertops in San Marcos, CA. Want to learn more? Contact Scandinavian Marble Design today.

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