Reasons to choose quartz countertops in San Diego, CA

There is one type of countertop material that is popular to many homeowners – Quartz. Why is it popular? Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Affordability – Quartz is more affordable than exotic granite, so homeowners get the best value for their money.
  • Aesthetic appeal – Unlike other stone slabs, quartz can be made with a controlled appearance – homeowners can expect the slab to be exactly the same color, texture, and pattern as they want it to be.
  • Non-porous – It simply means it does not absorb liquid, so there is nothing to worry about accidental spills from coffee and other beverages. As opposed to granite and marble types, quartz slabs are stain resistant.
  • Strength – Counters made of Quartz have a combination of 93% natural quartz stone with 7% resin binder and some colorant. Such composition gives countertops an extremely hard stone, stronger than granite or marble.
  • Consistent color – Most homeowners are not aware that some granite slabs are commercially dyed. The most commonly dyed slabs are the family of black granites. However, these dyes change, and over time the aesthetic feature of the counter (particularly the color) may not be what the customer expected. Quartz on the other hand is manufactured in many colors, and the color is consistent throughout the lifetime of the entire slab.
  • No scratches problem – Quartz is scratch resistant from the design and manufacturing process that plays an important role. With proper care, a Quartz countertop will look fabulous throughout its lifetime.
  • Low maintenance requirement – Another favorable feature of Quartz countertops is the low maintenance requirements to keep its beauty and functionality. Granite and marble countertops must be sealed regularly to avoid staining and the growth of bacteria.

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