Choosing a provider of kitchen cabinets San Marcos CA

Should we base our decision on ratings & reviews alone when choosing a company that installs kitchen cabinets San Marcos CA? That question should be addressed before you choose a service provider.

Many people take a look at ratings and reviews when buying a product or service. There is nothing wrong with that; Scandinavian Marble Design, for one, is a proponent of reading reviews ( and we mean reputable reviews) before making a purchase. Again, should you base your buying decision on ratings and reviews alone? Obviously, the answer is no. Here’s a compelling reason why:

Reviews can be deceiving

Unless you yourself are an expert at scrutinizing the list of criteria, which serves as basis used by review or rating agencies in the cabinet industry to rank companies, chances are, you might be misled by those ratings. The reason is that, such criteria used in evaluation might not be aligned with what you are looking for for a company that installs kitchen cabinets San Marcos CA. Take for instance, a kitchen cabinet installer that makes good cabinets can be perceived by rating agencies as not so reputable based on company size criterion. In other words, there are other factors that these rating agencies could miss to factor in.

Online ratings can be even more misleading since you are provided information on ratings (yes, just those yellow stars you see) but without giving details on the criteria.

What you should do instead

When choosing a company that provides kitchen cabinets installation, do your own review instead, to validate the findings/ratings given by those rating agencies. What you need to do to begin is to list down those companies that received favorable ratings from agencies and review sites. Then, counter check those prospects on criteria based on your unique requirements. For instance, those rating agencies, might have not included in their criteria the fact that certain companies serve either residential or commercial customer only – this can create an impact on your decision.

You might also need to consider items such as the length of time a kitchen cabinet company is in service, the types of materials used in their kitchen cabinets, the company’s accessibility to your location, among other things.

In a nutshell, when choosing a company, take time to read some reviews and ratings given by agencies, but be diligent enough to counter-check them, to make a scrutiny by yourself based on the criteria that is aligned to your needs, before you make a decision on which company to choose for your kitchen upgrade.

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