4 Reasons Why Quartz Countertops, San Marcos, CA, Are A Standout

If you read some news recently, particularly the business and lifestyle sections, you probably have noticed some information about the increasing demand for quartz countertops, San Marcos, CA. Of course, this isn’t surprising considering the impeccable features of this particular home improvement material.

In this post, we are sharing the 4 top reasons why quartz countertops, San Marcos, CA, are a standout from the rest of kitchen improvement materials. These are the following:

A spectrum of color options – This is one of the reasons why many homeowners choose quartz for their countertops. If one likes to color-coordinate beyond the usual browns, grays, and blacks, it is highly likely that he/she chooses quartz for such a design goal.

Hygienic properties – Cleanliness is another factor why many homeowners choose this material. They know that sanitation is so important, especially for the kitchen where foods are prepared. This is why quartz is way ahead of the competition. Because of its non-porous property, the risk of becoming a dwelling place for bacteria brought about by staining, corrosion, and soaking of unsanitary substances is relatively low.

Reasonable prices – Budget is also a top consideration for homeowners who are planning for kitchen improvement. Because it is cheaper, many choose quartz for countertop installations.

Low maintenance requirements – As opposed to granite and marble that need regular sealing to keep them clean, quartz remains the top choice because of its resilience against damage and bacteria. It is easy to clean and it is resistant to scratches.

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Why Many Prefer These Materials for Kitchen Countertops San Marcos, CA

Planning to install a new countertop but not sure which material to use? You might want to consider one or two from the following materials for kitchen countertops San Marcos, CA.

  • Granite – Considered to be the top choice; a definition of kitchen elegance that even a modest kitchen can appear luxurious with this material. Other reasons include being heat resistant, comes in a wide array of colors (about 3000 different colors), strong and durable, and with less maintenance requirement.
  • Marble – Another natural stone chosen by many for kitchen countertops San Marcos, CA. A countertop made out of marble can be entirely unique because no two sheets of marble are exactly the same. Though perceived to be expensive, this does not stop many customers from using this material. Some just use it on an island or a section of the countertop intended as a baking center. Exceptional aesthetics, being waterproof and heatproof are other reasons why marble is the material of choice of many for countertops.
  • Quartz – This material is a product of engineering (i.e. it is an engineered stone) that contains about 90% quartz particles and the rest are other minerals, shaped into slabs and bound with resins. This material can be custom-fabricated in any size and shape and this flexibility attracts many clients. Furthermore, it is easy to maintain and it resists stains and heat.
  • Ceramic tile – Preferred by many for its durability and affordability. In addition, it is easy to clean because it is non-porous. It is worth-noting as well that this material comes in a wide array of colors and style. It is heat resistant, and is easy for DIYers to construct.
  • Soapstone – Yet another natural store option that is usually dark gray in color with smooth and silky feel. In addition, this material is quite hard and resistant to stain. Considered to be a great alternative to granite, it is often installed in homes with classical theme. However, today, it is gaining more and more popularity in modern home applications.

Have more questions about kitchen countertops San Marcos, CA? Contact Scandinavian Marble today at (760) 591-0070.

Scandinavian Marble Installs Bathroom Cabinets in San Marcos

Where can you get custom bathroom cabinets in San Marcos?

For many people, the bathroom is an embarrassing space. When company comes over all they want to do is close the door and hope that nobody asks, “Can I use your washroom”. When your bathroom is not very appealing it can be difficult to live with. This is one of the main reasons why the bathroom continues to be the second most popular home renovation requested by clients from Scandinavian Marble.

In older homes, the bathroom is one of the first rooms to begin to feel outdated. This is because fixture trends and bathroom interior design has changed so much over the past few years. For this reason, when homeowners move into a house that is not brand new the bathroom is one of the first spaces that they may choose to renovate. It is also due to the fact that the bathroom is such a private space, that many people feel the need to customize and personalize it to their own taste. For this reason Scandinavian Marble’s bathroom renovation services are always in high demand.

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Create A Truly Unique Bathroom Space With Custom Bathroom Cabinets in San Marcos

One way to create a unique, one of a kind bathroom look is with custom bathroom cabinetry that has been installed by Scandinavian Marble. We get our custom cabinetry from the renowned Solid Cabinetry also located in San Marcos. By pairing the high quality marble countertops with the refined fabrications used by Solid Cabinetry we can create a truly distinguished bathroom space.

If a bathroom renovation is on the top of your list for customizing your dream house, you should not hesitate to contact Scandinavian Marble in San Marcos for a free quote and consultation. Our design experts will work alongside you to create your vision for a completely customized kitchen space. Once we have an idea of your taste and style we will make fixture and design recommendations to help you land on the perfect look for your home’s bathroom. We only work with the best high quality materials to guarantee that your bathroom renovation lasts forever and stands out amongst the crowd.

There is absolutely no reason why your home’s bathroom needs to be an embarrassing space in your house. Instead, it can be a relaxing room for family and guests to enjoy. Instead of being nervous about company asking to go into your bathroom you can feel excited! You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with your designer marble countertops and custom bathroom cabinets in San Marcos.

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