Kitchen Cabinets Remodeling Rancho Bernardo, CA

Why kitchen cabinets remodeling is better left up to the professionals.

Today on the Scandinavian Marble blog we want to talk about DIY remodeling disasters. Like everyone else we understand why homeowners may want to save money by remodeling their kitchen cabinets on their own.

However, in our time in the business we have seen many people break the bank correcting a do-it-themselves disaster.

The problem with do it yourself home renovations in general tends to be that the people doing it are inexperienced.

Homeowners will read one or two tutorials for renovating their kitchen cabinets online and then foolishly believe that they can manage it.

Unfortunately, what this lends to are poorly finished kitchens that need to be fixed up before the house can be sold. In some cases the DIY project turns out so badly that the homeowner has to start from scratch and hire us to do an entire kitchen makeover.

So, what do we recommend that homeowners do if they are working with a budget? Rather than attempting to renovate their entire kitchen themselves we suggest that they save money in other places. For example, homeowners can usually get away with painting their own kitchen. If they are handy, they may even be able to install their cabinets themselves (but still have them made by a professional).

At the very least, before you attempt to do your own kitchen cabinet remodeling make an appointment to speak with an expert. The consultation won’t cost you a thing and the design experts will be able to provide you with tons of great advice. In most cases after speaking to the kitchen remodeling professionals homeowners typically decide to invest in the project. We chalk this up to trusting the experts and knowing what part of the renovation you can do yourself and what parts you shouldn’t.

Kitchen Cabinets Poway CA

The type of kitchen cabinets available in Poway CA

Take into consideration the style and the quality when you are choosing kitchen cabinets for your Poway home.

When you are picking cabinetry for your kitchen renovation, their area variety of things to consider. Here we have listed the types of cabinets that you can choose from.

Base Cabinets: Base cabinets are standard. They are typically 24 inches deep. You can also upgrade that depth to 27 inches. These cabinets can be customized for various purposes. For the most part base cabinets suit any space and can be built to your taste.

Wall Cabinets: Wall cabinetry is shorter in depths, typically only 12 inches deep. They can be expanded to 17 inches. Wall cabinets are for certain purposes and are only semi-customizable.

Tall Cabinets: Tall cabinets are taller than your base or wall cabinets. They can be up to 84 inches in height. Tall cabinets are used for the storage of things like brooks or other tall items.

Speciality Cabinets: Speciality cabinets are fully customizable and built to suit. Your speciality cabinets will include your suspended unites, hutches, corner pieces, bottle racks and appliance cabinets. You can also have speciality cabinets constructed to create unique and special spaces. Anything that is not a base, wall or tall cabinet is considered a speciality cabinet.

Now that you know what the four types of kitchen cabinets are available in Poway you can begin to create your dream kitchen arrangement. By combining base cabinets, wall cabinets, tall cabinets and speciality cabinets you can create a custom kitchen layout that suits your needs.

For more information about creating a custom kitchen design make an appointment to consult with our experts today. We will discuss your vision for an amazing kitchen renovation with stunning cabinets that are beautiful and functional.