Cabinet Maker Rancho Bernardo, CA – Some Factors in Design Selection

Cabinets are a great addition to both residential and commercial facilities. These items are functional and at the same time can add the overall aesthetic feature of the interior of a home. That said, it is imperative that one hires the best cabinet maker in town.

When planning to install a new set of cabinets for a home, there are a number of factors to consider and these should be highlighted when planning for a project with your cabinet maker. Before the project commences, the following factors should be taken into consideration:

  • That the choice of cabinet design reflects the overall design and aesthetics of the interior, particularly to the area where it is to be installed. In other words, it should complement the overall design to maintain the harmony and balance.
  • Size of the cabinets to be installed should be in proportion with the space available (it does not make sense to install large cabinets when the area is too small).
  • The intended function should also be considered (in fact, more than aesthetics) every home or office has needs unique to itself so the cabinet maker should understand such needs, to be able to meet the functional requirements of the cabinet project (e.g. what sort of things to be stored?).
  • The price or cost that a client is willing to pay is also a factor that should not be overlooked. One might choose a pretty sophisticated design, but the question is – is it affordable? The cabinet maker should know upfront the budget that a client wants to allocate with the project, so the design is fitted accordingly.
  • Is it more for storage or display? Clients should also decide on whether or not the cabinet is aimed more for storage or for display purposes. With that, a cabinet maker is able to recommend right away which type of cabinet design option to take.

Scandinavian Marble – reputable cabinet maker Rancho Bernardo, CA

Scandinavian Marble has been in the cabinet making business for many years. The company is recognized as one reputable cabinet maker in Rancho Bernardo, CA and in neighboring areas.

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Some Tips To Find a Good Cabinet Maker in Rancho Bernardo, CA

Whether you are planning to hire a freelance cabinet maker in Rancho Bernardo, CA or from a more established cabinet making contractor, it is imperative that you only deal with one that can deliver a service that is of high quality. After all, it involves some serious amount of money that you cannot afford to go down the drain. Well, it might be a bit challenging to find one, but here are some tips you might find useful:

Start your search online – can be done at the comfort of your home

Since you are reading this article, it means that you are taking advantage of the Internet technology to find a good prospect. While you can use search engines such as Google, there are other effective ways as well that you should try; you can make use of local directories such as Yelp, Manta, Yellowpages – these sites provide geo-targeted information about any product or service that you can think about, including cabinet makers; just make the search terms location-specific – in your case, you can use terms like “cabinet maker Rancho Bernardo, ca,” or “garage cabinets Escondido, ca,” or simply “cabinet makers, ca” to filter the results down to the most relevant ones.

When doing a background check

When I say ‘do a background check’ it does not mean you have to uncover your prospect’s personal information to the extent that you invade one’s ‘privacy’; it just means you do work or service-related checking. Here are some items (questions) that could be included in your qualification checklist:

• Is it/he licensed to provide cabinet making service in Rancho Bernardo, CA? You can refer to government agencies that regulate licenses such as the Contractors State License Board to verify.
• What is the contractor’s project specialization (e.g. residential, corporate or business, medical, education)
• How long the cabinet maker has been in business? The general rule of thumb is that the longer the time a contractor is in business, the more experienced he is.
• Can your prospect show some from his portfolio? Are there completed projects in the area available for you to check or refer to for work quality?
• What other customers are saying? Are there any complaints and do they have merits? Have some time to ask around the locality.
• Is it/he offering reasonable prices? Make a price comparison to determine if the offer is worth your money.
• Is he affiliated to reputable organizations of his industry? A cabinet maker who is affiliated to reputable organizations in the industry is an added point.

The importance of personal interview

Personal interview is important prior to hiring, most especially if it is your first time to hear about such a contractor. It provides you an opportunity to verify the facts you have gathered during the background checking/research; it’s also your chance to clarify certain things that you might think a little shady – most especially when it comes to costs. In addition, you can also gauge the ‘level of sincerity’ of your prospect when you have talked to him personally.

Finding a good cabinet maker in Rancho Bernardo, CA (or in any location for that matter) might take a little bit of work but you will reap the benefit of finding one – quality work that equates your payment’s worth.

Who Does Custom Cabinets in Carlsbad?

A gorgeous new kitchen with custom cabinets in Carlsbad is on everyone’s home makeover wish-list. Many people want to redo their kitchen and do away with their old outdated cabinetry. The preference is to have custom cabinets made rather than buy pre-made ones at the store. The reason for this is because custom cabinets are constructed from high-end materials and are designed specifically to fit in the space that they have be constructed for. Not to mention, having this type of unique component created just for your home helps to increase it’s value and gives you way more options for the final design layout.

Where can I get completely custom cabinets in Carlsbad?

The top place where you can get custom cabinets in Carlsbad is from Scandinavian Marble Design. For many years now Scandinavian Marble has specialized in custom cabinet construction. The kitchen cabinet experts at Scandinavian Marble can create signature cabinet to suit any design vision. They use the highest quality materials when they construct your cabinets to assure lasting quality.

Many people choose to install prebuilt cabinets to save themselves money. The downside to doing this is that you don’t have as many options. This can become a problem when you are attempting to create a completely unique kitchen space. If you do not choose custom cabinets you will be restricted in both final appearance and functionality.

The best thing that you can do for yourself is invest that little bit of extra money into your kitchen renovation and get the custom cabinets in Carlsbad. When you work with Scandinavian Marble they will accommodate your budget to help you achieve your desired look without spending too much. Their cabinet design experts will listen closely to you and help you create a cabinet design that suits your needs and adds value to your house.

If you are looking for someone to create brand new cabinets for you in Carlsbad contact Scandinavian Marble today! We will provide you with a free estimate on custom cabinetry.

Kitchen Cabinets in Vista CA

Choosing Between Custom or Standard Kitchen Cabinets in Vista CA

Are you in the middle of a home renovation and havinga difficult time choosing between custom made or store standard kitchen cabinets in Vista CA? In today’s blog we are going to talk about the main differences. We will also discuss some of the benefits of choosing custom kitchen cabinets from Scandinavian Marble for your home renovation.

What are custom kitchen cabinets?

Custom kitchen cabinets are cabinets that have been designed and made specifically to suit your home. This means that a designer has looked at the layout of your kitchen, take measurements, and created unique cabinets to fit in thespace. When you pick custom kitchen cabinets you get a wide variety of options. You can choose everything from the amount of shelves in each cupboard to the colour of the finish.

Although, custom kitchen cabinets cost more than standardkitchen cabinets many homeowners believe that they are worthwhile invest. The reason for this is because custom cabinetry gives you many more design options when renovating your home. They also allow you to create a unique look and layout without any restrictions. It should also be pointed out that custom cabinets are considered much more attractive to potential homebuyers. In fact have custom cabinets included in your home may even increase it’s appraised value. These facts alone should be a good enough reason to choose customized kitchen cabinets for your home.

The Problem With Store Bought Standard Cabinets

For home renovators the real problem with standard kitchen cabinets or cabinets that come in a renovation kit is the lack of customization. Basically, you have to lay your kitchen out to accommodate the cabinet set not vice versa. This can leaseto several restrictions for homeowners who are looking to create a unique space. For some, it can also be off-putting to think that every other home on the block could have the exact same kitchen design.

When making up your mind between custom kitchen cabinets and standard store bought kitchen kits there are plenty of things to take into consideration. Budget, is always a factor as well as design expectations and colour preferences. Evenif you aren’t too picky about what your cabinets look like custom cabinets provide you with way more options and styles. What it really comes down to is whether or not you want to create a unique dream space or are just content to make a few small improvements.

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Who is The Best Cabinet Maker in Oceanside CA?

Know what to look for when hiring a cabinetmaker in Oceanside California-

You have scrimped and saved in order to be able to afford your dream home renovation. Now, the time has come to select a contractor to take care of the #1 thing on your renovation wish list: Custom Cabinetry. Thanks to Pinterest pages about modern interior design you have tons of ideas of what you want the finished product to look like. The only problem is you aren’t sure how to begin hiring a cabinet maker that understands your vision. You want someone with experience, but you also want him or her to be aware of modern trends and be able to get you that “home and garden” contemporary look.

Things To Look For When Hiring A Cabinet Maker For A Contemporary Renovation Design

1. Look For A Cabinet Maker in Oceanside Who Uses High Quality Materials
First things first, when it comes to achieving that dream interior design you want to choose authentic high quality materials. This means that you should eliminate all cabinet makers that use anything but the best wood for they carpentry work. Instead, choose a cabinet maker that provides you with a wide variety of material options- mahogany, cedar, oak etc. They should also provide varying stain options and the option to paint.

2. Look For A Cabinet Maker in Oceanside With A Great Reputation
The cabinetmaker whom you hire better not is an amateur! Instead, shop around town for an experienced carpenter with a fantastic portfolio of work. It is always a good sign if they have an excellent reputation in your local area. Ask around or consult a customer review site to see what some of there past client thought of their finished work. It doesn’t hurt to ask someone that you know who has used a cabinetmaker for a first hand recommendation.

3. Find A Cabinet Maker Who “Gets” Your Unique Style
Once you have a few local Oceanside Cabinet Makers in mind don’t be afraid to conduct an interview. This is the best way to get a sense of whether or not the Cabinetmaker will be able deliver. Show them some pictures of what you are hoping to achieve and see how they react to your design choices. Remember, you want to hire someone who understands your style and objectives.

*Don’t forget to get an approximate price quote during your consultation so you can shop around and select the best overall carpenter for the job. Keeping in mind that “cheapest” is not always the greatest.

Looking for An Experience Cabinet Maker in Oceanside CA? Contact Scandinavian Marble Design today!