Shower Enclosures Rancho Bernardo CA

Shower Enclosures Rancho Bernardo CANeed a remodeling service for your Shower Enclosures in Rancho Bernardo, CA?

Call Scandinavian Cabinets!

Rancho Bernardo’s home for quality custom cabinetry since 1980.

Scandinavian Cabinets delivers unparalleled professional design and extremely skilled installation.

Custom Cabinets in Rancho Bernardo, CA for the bathroom and kitchen remodeling are our specialty.

Extremely professional and experienced!

Scandinavian Cabinets builds world-class custom cabinetry designed to fit your space and style.

Our custom cabinetry is 100% built-to-order.

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Shower Enclosures Rancho Bernardo CA

Our cabinets are more than just storage.

They’re an instant focal point for any room, tying the space together while setting it apart.

Kitchens, media centers, baths, offices, bars — our pieces make every room stand out.

Scandinavian Cabinets delivers unparalleled professional design and extremely skilled installation.

Whatever you remodel needs, we are the “One-Stop Shop” to help you get the job done professionally, at the best price, and in a timely manner!

Most remodels are completed within seven business days of the tear out.

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Complete contracting services from tear out to completed remodel.

Absolute highest quality workmanship!

– Custom Cabinets
– Kitchens
– Entertainment Centers
– Bathrooms
– Offices
– Closets
– Doors

There’s good reason why Scandinavian Cabinets has so many happy clients throughout Rancho Bernardo, CA.

Pick up the phone and call us now!

Shower Enclosures Rancho Bernardo CA

What local areas in Rancho Bernardo do we service?

We proudly service every city and zip code in San Diego County / Rancho Bernardo, CA.

Custom cabinet design and installation requires dedicated hard working crews.

We salute all the talented workers in our industry!

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Custom Cabinets, Rancho Bernardo, CA – Why It Can Be Great Choice?

Having a hard time deciding which type of cabinet to install inside your kitchen or living room? Well, custom cabinets, Rancho Bernardo CA might be a great choice for you.

Here’s why…

They are made to fit. When you go for a custom cabinet installation, the installer comes to your home to measure the dimension or space where you plan to put the cabinet in. This is to ensure that the cabinet to be installed fits the area – not too large or too small, but just right. So whether you want to install for your kitchen, bedroom, or even for your garage, a custom cabinet is the way to go for the right fit.

More flexible design options. Cabinets found at the regular stores have limited designs. That means, their functions can be limited too. With custom cabinets, you can rest assured that your cabinet maker or installer will consider your purpose. For instance, you might want to use them for items that do not fit inside regular cabinets sold at a local store. The design can also be made to match a specific structural feature (e.g. curved instead of regular boxy corner) inside your home.

A lot of material options. With custom cabinets, Rancho Bernardo CA, you can also choose specific types of materials that you like. Do you want to have a custom cabinet made mostly from metal? Or, perhaps, a wooden cabinet set? Or a combination of these materials? You can also choose which particular wood type to use for your cabinet.

Made for a custom purpose. Again, the main reason why custom cabinets are popular (and getting more popular these days) is the fact that they are made for a specific purpose. For instance, the installer will ask what type of items you want to put inside your cabinet – is it for an appliance of a non-standard size? Or items that require more compartments such as documents? Or as storage of kitchen items? Your installer will put such purpose into consideration.

For your need of custom cabinets, Rancho Bernardo CA, contact Scandinavian Marble Design.

Call us at (760) 591-0070

When Hiring a Cabinet Remodeling Contractor in Rancho Bernardo, CA

Here are the top considerations

Kitchen cabinets and garage cabinets are both important items that can be found in your home. Aside from their practical use, they can also add to its overall aesthetic feature. Thus, if you are planning for a kitchen remodel or garage renovation, these two are items that you should take into consideration. However, the functional and aesthetic qualities of these items greatly depend on who the maker is that you should pick the one who can deliver your desired results.

The top considerations when you hire a remodeling contractor

The price – ask your prospect about the price and make an effort to get the best deal (you can have prior research on the average market rate for comparison).

The experience – experience is the best teacher, they say. When a cabinet contractor has been in business for quite a long time, it means that they have refined the skills needed to address the demand in the industry.

The area of specialization – do not just hire a kitchen cabinet remodeler but one that specializes on cabinet making for kitchens and garages. Task concentration is a factor in the quality of work.

The materials used – you need to know what type of materials your prospective cabinet remodeling contractor uses and see to it that those materials pass the industry standards

Sample works – concrete evidence of their previous works is more convincing than what they showcase on their websites – find some time to check their completed projects personally.

License/accreditation – you have to check as well if your prospect is licensed to provide such service in your area; and if it is recognized by popular accreditation body in the same industry.

Scandinavian Marble Design

Scandinavian Marble Design offers a number of remodeling services, including garage cabinets and kitchen cabinets remodeling. We serve clients in Rancho Bernardo, Oceanside, and their neighboring areas in California. Visit our contact page for your inquiries.

Some Tips To Find a Good Cabinet Maker in Rancho Bernardo, CA

Whether you are planning to hire a freelance cabinet maker in Rancho Bernardo, CA or from a more established cabinet making contractor, it is imperative that you only deal with one that can deliver a service that is of high quality. After all, it involves some serious amount of money that you cannot afford to go down the drain. Well, it might be a bit challenging to find one, but here are some tips you might find useful:

Start your search online – can be done at the comfort of your home

Since you are reading this article, it means that you are taking advantage of the Internet technology to find a good prospect. While you can use search engines such as Google, there are other effective ways as well that you should try; you can make use of local directories such as Yelp, Manta, Yellowpages – these sites provide geo-targeted information about any product or service that you can think about, including cabinet makers; just make the search terms location-specific – in your case, you can use terms like “cabinet maker Rancho Bernardo, ca,” or “garage cabinets Escondido, ca,” or simply “cabinet makers, ca” to filter the results down to the most relevant ones.

When doing a background check

When I say ‘do a background check’ it does not mean you have to uncover your prospect’s personal information to the extent that you invade one’s ‘privacy’; it just means you do work or service-related checking. Here are some items (questions) that could be included in your qualification checklist:

• Is it/he licensed to provide cabinet making service in Rancho Bernardo, CA? You can refer to government agencies that regulate licenses such as the Contractors State License Board to verify.
• What is the contractor’s project specialization (e.g. residential, corporate or business, medical, education)
• How long the cabinet maker has been in business? The general rule of thumb is that the longer the time a contractor is in business, the more experienced he is.
• Can your prospect show some from his portfolio? Are there completed projects in the area available for you to check or refer to for work quality?
• What other customers are saying? Are there any complaints and do they have merits? Have some time to ask around the locality.
• Is it/he offering reasonable prices? Make a price comparison to determine if the offer is worth your money.
• Is he affiliated to reputable organizations of his industry? A cabinet maker who is affiliated to reputable organizations in the industry is an added point.

The importance of personal interview

Personal interview is important prior to hiring, most especially if it is your first time to hear about such a contractor. It provides you an opportunity to verify the facts you have gathered during the background checking/research; it’s also your chance to clarify certain things that you might think a little shady – most especially when it comes to costs. In addition, you can also gauge the ‘level of sincerity’ of your prospect when you have talked to him personally.

Finding a good cabinet maker in Rancho Bernardo, CA (or in any location for that matter) might take a little bit of work but you will reap the benefit of finding one – quality work that equates your payment’s worth.